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Become a GOGLA member

We welcome the participation of all stakeholders within the off-grid lighting sector and currently represent over 85 industry and associate members.

Need a reason to join? Here are a few…

  • Join an association that makes your voice heard, however small or new you are.
  • Join an association that brings together like-minded professionals.
  • Join an association that will help accelerate your business activities.
  • Get directly involved in harmonizing quality standards.
  • Take action against poor quality products and counterfeits.
  • Impact policy direction.
  • Work together to reduce barriers to business.
  • Receive technical advice and benefit from extensive R&D insights.
  • Join an association which is truly growing the market.
  • Get in front of global decision and policy-makers.
  • Get answers to your questions by working with collective intelligence.

Wondering what our members think of GOGLA? Find out what they think some of the main benefits are here. 


Membership Fee Structure

Industry Members

Annual Turnover Annual GOGLA Membership Fee
Below USD 1 million USD 1,000
USD 1 million – USD 5 million USD 3,000
USD 5 million – USD 15 million USD 5,000
Above USD 15 million USD 7,500


Associated Members

Headquarter based in             Annual GOGLA Membership Fee
Developing Country USD 1,000
Developed Country USD 3,000
Individual Member USD 750


The GOGLA Fee Structure was approved on the GOGLA AGM on June 16th 2015 in Amsterdam.
If a qualifying developing country applicant is unable to finance the full membership and/or entry fee, the GOGLA board may determine a temporary fee at its discretion upon application. The country of incorporation is relevant for the fee basis. To be able to accurately determine the applicable fee, industry members are required to report their annual turnover once a year to GOGLA.

By signing the application for GOGLA membership you accept