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60 Decibels

What is 60 Decibels' mission?

Our mission is to make the use of high-quality customer / supplier impact data the norm in social purpose organizations. This will create widespread accountability and facilitate management towards greater social impact, pushing social performance towards equal footing with financial results in assessing returns on capital

Where is it based?


When was it created?


Who is the CEO?

Sasha Dichter

In which region/s are you present?


What feature do you think makes you unique? How are you contributing to energy access for all?

Focusing on end-user/customer voices; the profile, experience, satisfaction, feedback, and impact. We're contributing by capturing these voices, enabling them to be heard, and distilling them into valuable customer and business data, actionable insights, and performance benchmarking.

How do you think GOGLA can help accelerate your business and/or the energy access sector?

Letting members and the sector know about our work, our insights, our services, highlighting opportunities to learn, measure impact, and improve delivery for maximum positive impact.


Visit the 60 Decibels website to learn more about them.