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Africa Power

Africa Power was founded in 2012 to bring the benefits of modern energy to rural, unserved communities. We believe that for-profit business is the best vehicle to provide “Sustainable Energy for All”, with profits being the engine for growth and scale-up in order to electrify the 1.2 billion people worldwide without access to (reliable) electricity.

The team at Africa Power has a passion for engineering, creating, adapting, and deploying products that allow people in emerging markets to make (or save) money. For us doing good is good business.

Africa Power is focused on the large and growing market opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa to

  1. Sell Off-grid Productive Power Systems, (Productive Use of Energy/Power products: PUE/POP) comprising BOTH the end-use, high-efficiency equipment and appliances and solar power systems matched to the duty cycle needed for the business application.
  2. Assisting businesses to convert from diesel generators to lower-cost, more reliable renewable power (generally solar).

These are growing markets with customers having the ability and willingness to pay. Concentrating on high added-value Stand-alone Productive Power is enabling us to build a scaleable, highly-profitable, off-grid energy business, serving all needs in rural communities.