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BioLite is a social enterprise that develops, manufactures, and distributes solar lighting and clean cooking technologies to off-grid households around the world. We are dedicated to transforming the way low-income, off-grid families in East Africa and India cook, charge devices, and light their lives.

Our products serve two distinct, but interconnected markets: 1) emerging markets households living in energy poverty, and 2) outdoor enthusiasts seeking fuel and battery independent energy solutions. Through a process of "Parallel Innovation", we incubate our core technologies for both markets, and reinvest revenues from our outdoor recreation sales to develop robust operations in emerging markets.

BioLite’s vision is to reinvent what it means to live off-grid – providing clean, modern, and affordable household energy through a comprehensive ecosystem of products. Safer fires to cook with; brighter lights to read with; and accessible power to charge with. Through a holistic offering of products designed for households not served by a traditional grid, we seek to offer a clean energy future that can be shared by all.