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Ekotek Energy

Ekotek Energy is one of the leading solar products manufacturing company around the world. We focus on offering reliable and cost-effective solar products designed to improve the lives of people who do not have access to the electric grid. Our products have been carefully designed to provide clean, safe, and affordable solar energy, removing the need for costly and unsustainable alternatives

Around the world and especially in impoverished countries, access to reliable power continues to be a problem. Our products provide powerful illumination as well as the ability to recharge other electronics at the same time, such as mobile phones, tablets, and other communication devices.

At Ekotek, we understand that access to power is a basic need for all, and that it is closely connected with human development. We also understand the high costs entailed in providing conventional electricity to a high percentage of impoverished families and communities in rural areas. Hence, we are dedicated to providing the most reliable, affordable, and accessible solar lighting and power systems for the developing world. By the year 2020, we will deliver life-changing energy technology to a maximum number of people all the while pursuing an excellent customer experience.