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enable|digital was launched in 2017 by Persistent Energy and the Shell Foundation in order to provide comprehensive, flexible and future-proof IT solutions for impact ventures in emerging markets, especially in the energy access sector.

We are a holistic IT solutions provider, working with our customers to understand their current and future business goals and processes, assess their existing IT landscape, recommend improvements and design and implement IT solutions. We have worked on specific solutions (e.g. data warehousing or customer registration) as well as comprehensive IT transformation projects across the whole company. Our team is made up of seasoned and passionate business and IT experts who want to make a difference, having previously worked for companies such as SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, UBS, Danske Bank, Google, Intel, JP Morgan or Ericsson.

When it comes to solution design we are generally vendor-agnostic, but strongly believe that the most value for impact ventures, especially during early stages, comes from solutions built around the concept of application networks. An application network allows companies to use and connect specialised applications, data, and devices through APIs and expose some or all of the relevant information within the network. As business processes and requirements change, individual applications or processes can be exchanged or upgraded easily without disrupting other parts of the IT infrastructure and business operations.