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enable|digital was launched in 2017 by Persistent Energy and the Shell Foundation in order to provide comprehensive, flexible and future-proof digital technology services and solutions for emerging markets ventures and their investors, especially in the energy access sector.

Having seen that the IT underpinning these ventures was often acting as a blocker to sustainable growth, Enable works both directly with companies providing essential goods and services in emerging markets, and with their investors. We assess their existing IT landscape - taking into account current and future business processes, their overarching strategy (and how IT influences it), and other key areas we've seen can impact their operational effectiveness, including their data management. These collaborations provide a review and recommendations for the organisation, which can be used directly for implementation projects, or indeed by investors to help them make better investment decisions.

Enable has also developed different software applications specifically for this market, including a loan account management system and customer registration applications. We now focus on data management projects - providing audits into the current state of data, and working with the internal IT team to develop appropriate, future-proof data infrastructure. On top of this we can then build business intelligence solutions to help those organisations find insights from their data - through interactive dashboards and automated reports.

Our team is made up of seasoned and passionate business and IT experts who want to make a difference, having previously worked for companies such as SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, UBS, Danske Bank, Google, Intel, JP Morgan, and Ericsson.

If you are a company that works in this sector, or are an investor into these companies, and are looking for advice into the technology and software in use, get in contact with us at info@enable.digital to discuss how we can help.