Energise Africa (Lendahand-Ethex)

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Energise Africa (Lendahand-Ethex)

Two of Europe's leading online impact investing platforms have joined forces to significantly improve off grid energy access in Sub Saharan Africa.

Dutch based Lendahand, one of the few online impact investors focused on emerging markets, and UK based Ethex, a non-profit social impact savings and investment platform from the UK, have jointly set up a dedicated platform where SHS providers can attract flexible debt funding under the Energise Africa initiative. In just a few months, nearly £2 million has been raised by SHS companies including Gogla members Azuri Technologies, SolarNowSolarWorks! and SunTransfer and  - enabling over 13,000 households to Energise their homes with clean electricity generated by the sun. 

UK aid and Virgin Unite are also supporters of Energise Africa and will provide, among others, match funding to co-invest alongside the UK crowd.

Energise Africa intends to provide over 110,000 households within 3 years with access to clean energy via PAYGO SHS systems. Solar companies are able to access finance from socially minded investors to provide such systems to their customers - largely households in Sub Saharan Africa. Companies who are interested in applying for finance should email investments@lendahand.co.uk