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Enlight Institute

Enlight Institute, founded in 2018, is a US-registered, Kampala- headquartered social enterprise that helps East African last mile distributors solve their last-mile human capital needs through recruitment, training, coaching and HR capacity building services. Co-founded by veterans of the Ugandan off-grid solar sector and with a team of 5 staff and a network of trainers, we have trained and coached over 100 sales agents, solar technicians, customer service reps and supervisors across Uganda for a variety of solar companies and NGOs. Our main services:

1. Last-Mile Recruitment & Capacity Building: Connecting employers to job-seeking youth and women & concurrently improving their internal HR processes around candidate vetting/selection, onboarding, performance management and career progression. 

2. Solar Technical & Businesses Trainings: Group or trainings for last-mile staff in key solar technical, business and/or other related skills to fill knowledge gaps.

3. On-the-Job Coaching: Ongoing individual coaching for existing staff or agents to foster ongoing skill/behavior development that leads to greater productivity and retention.