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Freeplay Energy was founded in 1994, following the invention by Trevor Baylis of the 'clockwork radio', which was designed to help halt the spread of AIDS in Africa by providing much-needed access to health information and advice.

The company is now part of the privately owned Euro Suisse Group which has extensive interests in the developing world, where Freeplay products help to change people's lives.

Freeplay enjoys an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability and we have unrivalled experience in our field. With our commitment to improvement, we remain at the forefront of product development and innovation.

Today we specialise in the design, development and manufacture of clean energy products for people living either temporarily or permanently off-grid. We do this by using our core expertise in solar, dynamo, and energy storage technology to create products that are affordable and reliable.

Our products are created for three principle applications all of which share many common requirements:

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Aid and Development
  • Outdoor Leisure

Freeplay operates in both the developed and the developing world. We partner with many of the world's leading NGO's and internationally respected retailers, and we have extensive experience of shipping products to some of the world's most difficult regions.

Most of all we are proud of what we do because we know it makes a difference to people's lives.