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Set up in 1976, Geres is an international development NGO working in Europe, Africa and Asia to improve living conditions and fighting against climate change and its impacts. Energy transition is a major lever in our activities.

To participate in deep and rapid changes, we encourage the development and rollout of innovative, locally-based solutions, we support territorial climate and energy policies and mobilize all stakeholders around Climate Solidarity, urging them to take action and stand up for the most vulnerable.

Our operations include work on developing value chains as these create jobs and are often key to the sustainability of the solutions deployed. We also attach great importance to ensuring that all stakeholders have a sense of ownership. We focus on capacity-building in order to drive the dynamics of change, develop resilience strategies and open up the field of opportunity so that everyone can play a part in sustainable development.

Geres is currently developing two social enterprise projects with private entrepreneurs in West Africa and Southeast Asia, which distribute last-mile sustainable energy solutions for households and for productive uses.