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GermanSolar Asia

GermanSolar is a leading solar solution provider and solar PV-module manufacturer, GSA design and manufactures high performing PV modules for On-Grid and

Off-Grid applications in accordance with the highest possible standards of quality control. GermanSolar provides excellent solar solutions that are engineered for durability and topnotch functionality and attractively designed.

GermanSolar offers individual and customized complete solutions for all solar system types, from residential On-Grid and Off-Grid installations with Energy Storage options to commercial rooftops, to megawatt power plants. GermanSolar manufactures superb PV modules, designed to provide utmost versatility, allowing you to turn your ideas into customized solutions for different applications for roof tile solar, marine panels, streetlights, etc. With more than 20 years of experience in the solar industry, GermanSolar is capable of delivering proven high-quality products and is able to guarantee continual performance and outstanding functionality.