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Kumbaya is “Connecting the Unconnected,” bringing sustainable power, connectivity and content to off-grid, rural communities in the under-served parts of the world.  Kumbaya’s mission is to create sustainable solutions that enable the under-served, unconnected people of our world to transform their lives. With this in mind, Kumbaya built zeroXess, a unique patent-pending solar-powered home energy and communications platform that is affordable, reliable and sustainable, to ensure there is always electricity, light, connectivity, and access to the information of the world. 

Small in size, but immense in output, Kumbaya’s zeroXess is a home energy and communications hub for collecting and distributing power to other devices via its six USB ports, featuring a 10” touch screen to allow users to easily view, monitor and control power, connectivity, lights, communication and the consumption of information, including radio and TV. The system brings the power of sunlight indoors, powering four LED light fixtures and up to six devices, such as mobile phones, medical devices, refrigerators or sewing machines. The devices’ agnostic connectivity brings TV and radio with local news, information and entertainment. Built-in sensors detect and warn against hazards like CO/CO2., temperature and humidity. The platform also allows access for non-invasive eHealth monitoring devices and point-of-care decision support. 

As a for-profit social enterprise, Kumbaya has built a sustainable business with a profitable business model to ensure its solutions address the needs of the market to drive real change with lasting impact.  Founded in 2016, Kumbaya is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information please visit www.Kumbaya.co and follow Kumbaya on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.