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Kumudzi Kuwale Limited

What is Kumudzi Kuwale Limited's mission?

Our mission is to develop Kumudzi Kuwale into a profitable and ecologically friendly venture that will provide the company and its owners with a steady stream of income from the sale of environmentally friendly renewable energy products and/or services.

Where is it based?

Malawi, Central Africa

When was it created?


Who is the CEO?

Witness H. Chisale

In which region/s are you present?

Central Africa

What feature do you think makes you unique? How are you contributing to energy access for all?

Kumudzi Kuwale is a for-profit social enterprise, meaning that we do not do charity and that we do seek to generate profit on our projects. However, our social profile means that we keep profit margins low, and re-invest all profits into the community. This keeps us sustainable as a business, lets us provide stable and long-term employment for our colleagues, and allows us to provide affordable solar solutions to all Malawians.

We distribute high-quality, durable, and low-cost energy products from reputable suppliers who are global leaders in the market. This makes us unique and wins us competition in the industry. We deal with carefully selected niche markets, mainly targeting the rural poor with products focusing on lighting, phone charging, heating, and cooling systems, hence contributing to energy access for all. We target institutions like schools, hospitals, agricultural extensions, farming clubs, and women's savings groups.

How do you think GOGLA can help accelerate your business and/or the energy access sector?

GOGLA can help us by supporting and/or sponsoring activities that raise awareness on the use and availability of energy products, merging energy financiers with energy distribution companies to form working relations that accelerate energy access to all, organizing meet and greet sessions, chart forums, etc, for energy players to coordinate and share ideas.

Visit the Kumudzi Kuwale Limited website to learn more about them.