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Lumi is a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) solar power provider focused on low-income, rural communities in Uganda. Lumi’s PAYG solar power systems and last-mile sales and distribution network transform an expensive, often cost-prohibitive asset purchase into affordable electricity access. Shifting away from kerosene and candles to PAYG solar saves money, reduces health and safety hazards, and improves education and quality of life for Lumi’s customers.

Through years of research and development alongside Lumi’s customers and in partnership with several leading manufacturers and technology providers, Lumi has engineered solutions to key issues preventing wide-scale adoption of solar power, particularly in very rural areas with very low-income customers.

With over 4,000 customers in Uganda and South Sudan, Lumi has proven it is able to effectively distribute and sell PAYG products to the people who need them the most as well as own and manage the customer relationship with excellence.

After years of R&D and testing, Lumi is preparing to scale distribution to tens and hundreds of thousands of low-income customers in rural Uganda over the next few years.