Meseret Mare Gebre Solar Importer

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Meseret Mare Gebre Solar Importer

What is Meseret Mare Gebre Solar Importer's mission?

Our mission is to strive daily to fulfill the power needs of the people, render the best quality of service and provide innovative solar solutions that benefit our customers and partners.

Where is it based?

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

When was it created?


Who is the CEO?

Mesret Mare 

In which region/s are you present?

East Africa

What feature do you think makes you unique? How are you contributing to energy access for all?

We are an importer and distributor of off-grid solar lighting systems in Ethiopia covering different regions and hard-to-reach areas. We have strong partnerships with government sectors offices, micro-finance enterprises, and development partners.

Additionally, the company has an adequate warehouse in Addis Ababa and sales/maintenance offices in selected regional towns.

How do you think GOGLA can help accelerate your business and/or the energy access sector?

We believe GOGLA can help us establish communication platforms and leakages with manufacturers, companies, and stakeholders to strengthen our capacity in the solar lighting system assembling, maintenance, and distribution. We look forward to creating experience-sharing mechanisms with similar actors across Africa/the world, along with access to technical and financial support to enhance institutional capacity.


Meseret Mare Gebre Solar Importer is part of GOGLA's ELEVATE cohort. Visit the Meseret Mare Gebre Solar Importer website to learn more about them.