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NewLight Africa, Trading as Heya! 

Customers in rural Africa want and need to buy products which they know will change their lives for the better: solar lights, fuel efficient cook stoves, cleaner fuels, water purifiers, educational tools, smart phones... and so much more. These consumers need a brand that they can trust, that has deep roots in their community and is there to stay: to offer a wide selection of quality products; and to give them ongoing warranty support for when things go wrong. Because these consumers are often living tough lives on very low incomes, they need such a brand more than anyone. That brand is Heya! 

Heya! serves our customers by solving two key unmet needs in the base-of-pyramid, last-mile market: access to reliable products from a trustworthy brand via our last-mile distribution network; and affordability of products through our asset financing model. We are currently operational in Kenya, with pan-African intentions… great days are coming!