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OVSOLAR POWER COMPANY LIMITED (hereafter refered as ovSolar) mainly focuses on the design, production and global marketing of photovoltaic products. As a subsidiary of clean energy under Hong Kong Changyuan Resources Co., Ltd., the company got registered in Hong Kong in April, 2013 and set its operation and production center respectively in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. With 4 years’ development, ovSolar has successfully expanded its business to over 30 countries in the world. Depending on the high-quality products and good reputation in the market, ovSolar has participated in the “Lighting Global” project launched by the World Bank, IFC and GOGLA, so as to solve the residents’ living problem in countries with electricity poverty.

As a leading company of off-grid solar industry, we have created high-quality products by our attentiveness, proactiveness, innovation and service. Meanwhile, we have won the recognition and respect of our global partners. Origin of China, prospect of global, undertake responsibility and make progress.

Company vision: Everyone can enjoy safe, reliable, affordable clean electric energy.

Company mission: Provide competitive off-grid solar energy products and solutions for the world.

Product and Service

ovSolar studies on the technology of off-grid power and exploited energy deeply. Comprehending that “product is more significant than business” in those developing countries where the economy and service have relatively fallen behind, during the research and development of product, ovSolar insists on “Pursuit of details, change with stability” and creates first-class quality and service. At present, the ovSolar products cover the following three aspects:

  • Solar lighting products
  • Solar home system
  • Photovoltaic power station