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Pawame is committed to delivering “fit for purpose” solutions and services to rural communities in Africa, helping to address their development needs. We want to deliver more than just energy.

Aware that in Kenya nearly 8 million households live without access to the electricity grid, our team is eager to provide clean, safe and affordable solutions to the energy poor. We strongly believe energy is a fundamental prerequiste in order to develop communities living in Sub Saharan Africa by encouraging gender equality, independence, education, micro entrepreneurship and local prosperity. All as a result of electricity provision after the hours of sunset.

Empowering people through green technology, innovative financing and customer focussed services is our mission. Our work stems from understanding an essential development priority: access to energy.

We utilise a sustainable business model, provide financial inclusion serviced by mobile Pay-as-you-Go platforms and focus specifically on the needs of our customers. All to bring about a meaningful social impact.

Pawame empowers the full community, young and old.

We leverage our Middle Eastern network utilising trusted investor and energy expertise to access and mobilise finance, furthering our mission to tackle the energy barrier to African development.

Pawame delivers more than just energy.