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Rural Spark

At Rural Spark we focus on smartly distributed plug&play energy networks.

That’s why at the heart of our solution is the Rural Spark Router that smartly manages your energy needs. It allows to power any 5V or 12V device, and automatically stores  surplus energy in the Rural Spark Smart Cubes. Use them as a power station, or let the router use this stored energy automatically as soon as the sun sets. The capacity is easily increased over time, by simply adding additional solar panels or Smart Cubes.

The integrated PayGo technology and Service Platform allow for consumer finance products and for smoothening operations. Positioned between a solar home system and a microgrid, the decentralized solution of Rural Spark generates the capacity of an average microgrid at lower costs, with a strong sense of ownership.

Rural Spark designs its product with the ability to exchange energy between users, smartly distributing generated energy. With Rural Spark, access to electricity is just the start. Let’s grow the energy networks of tomorrow.

Rural Spark is a social enterprise founded in the Netherlands and with regional offices in multiple continents.