Solar Energy Development Association (SEDA-E)

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Solar Energy Development Association (SEDA-E)

The Solar Energy Development Association (SEDA-E)  is an independent non-profit association dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of Solar energy business in Ethiopia.

SEDA-E is Established in September 2010 by dedicated Solar energy market stakeholders in Ethiopia

Its key roles are promoting the interests of members of the Solar energy industry among government, public sector, the general public and any other organizations that may impact on the development of the industry; and the creation of a forum for the dissemination and exchange of information and ideas on matters relating to Solar energy development and utilization in Ethiopia.

 SEDA-E's Objectives

  • Increased awareness levels and adoption of solar energy technologies
  • Increase in the number of qualified solar energy practitioners and increase in skill level and improvement in the quality of products and services provided
  • Pro-renewable energy policies and regulations and improved business environment for renewable energy
  • Increased coordination between actors and stakeholders when developing and implementing solar initiatives
  • Diverse SEDA-E membership and increased collaboration/cooperation between members and partners