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Solar Lights (Pty) Ltd

1. What is Solar Lights's mission?

To be a customer-orientated manufacturer and retailer of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient products and technologies to customers of all income groups with a view to contributing towards climate change mitigation and poverty alleviation.

2. Where is it based?

Maseru, Lesotho, southern Africa

3. When was it created?


4. Who is the CEO?

Dipl.- Ing. Michael Hönes

5. In which region/s are you present?

Lesotho, southern Africa
6. What feature do you think makes you unique? How are you contributing to energy access for all?
  1. Ability to reach last-mile communities with 30+ vehicles
  2. High-quality product range and local after-market services
  3. Recognized company brand in Lesotho
  4. 10-year CDM GS FT carbon project implementation
  5. Community-based distribution system
  6. Specialized accounting system for several payment methods
  7. International development partner experience EU, UN

7. How do you think GOGLA can help accelerate your business and/or the energy access sector?

By exposing our company and objectives to potential new partners with the same or similar objectives to match strengths and improve business and sales.

Visit the Solar Lights website to learn more about them.