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Solar Polar

Solar Polar company's mission is to produce low-cost solar cooling. This technology can both transform the world's air-conditioning market and reduce food and crop wastage in developing countries.  Solar Polar is bringing to market this patented solar thermal cooling technology. 

This is a unique modular zero electricity micro solar cooling offering.

  • No electrical parts at all are needed
  • It is modular, so the required amount of cooling can be reached by adding identical modules.

Lowest cost / Watt Micro cooler

  • Simple and robust using standard construction materials, very long-lived
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Lowest maintenance cost

Addresses volume market for micro cooling

  • Domestic, small industrial, small agricultural micro cooling – requires a simple, small-scale device
  • Fit and forget
  • Existing large-scale multi-megawatt industrial solar cooling systems do not scale down and cannot compete at the micro-level.

Local manufacture

  • Solar Polar plan to manufacture the cooling module in-country.
  • Brining skills and jobs.