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Solartechno Europe

Founded in 2009, Solartechno Europe B.V. is a specialist in solar power systems.

We design smaller systems using our new NoGrid product. The NoGrid is an innovative plug-and-play modular battery pack that integrates the Lithium-Ion battery cells and related electronics directly on the back of any photovoltaic (solar) panel.

Solartechno also supplies custom-made turn-key off-grid systems for a variety of business customers in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.  We low cost larger systems using both new and semi-new (recycled) lithium battery cells.  Recycled cells are from Japanese car manufacturers and are with an electricity storage capacity above 80% of their initial capacity. Cells are certified to operate at temperature up to 60°C. Their cost is very low. Our larger systems can be preassembled into a container making it easy to install them on location. 

Our expertise is in powering buildings as well as a variety of industrial and agricultural installations such as farms and telecom stations. We often integrate our system with existing  power supply based on a diesel genset. This to lower the operational cost of running the diesel genset.

Solartechno can handle the entire project life-cycle, from the technical-financial feasibility study, through the definition of the technical specifications, to the system installation, including on-site training.

In addition to off grid systems the company also can  provide consulting services to investors.