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SolarWorks! has evolved into an industry leader in the off-grid solar sector in Southern Africa since it first began its work here in 2009 – initially with smaller products via distributors and then large-scale Pay-As-You-Go energy services in Mozambique and Malawi. To keep overhead costs from outside the region to a minimum, SolarWorks! builds capacity in the countries where it operates – more than 95% of our employees are from the countries we work in. We also aim for a 50/50 gender mix.

SolarWorks! offers a wide range of Solar Home Systems – from small systems that include lights and mobile-charging capability to bigger systems that power televisions, refrigerators, ventilators, sound systems and sewing machines. These products are available on an affordable Pay As You Go basis in Mozambique and Malawi.

Most of our customers have a very limited income. Because a substantial part of this income is used to purchase our services, our customers deserve impeccable service. We have professional call centres and a wide network of agents and technicians and capitalize on our user and system data to make sure our customers are never without energy. We regularly offer our customers new services and ensure help is always at hand.

Access to solar energy can change people’s lives. Our vision is to provide affordable products to deliver quality technology that can fulfill this potential in a sustainable way.