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1. What is Solibrium's mission?

Our core mandate is to serve the underserved communities by providing access to affordable and reliable solar energy. To this end, we set out to provide high-quality solar units of different capacities for diverse use; including but not limited to lighting, entertainment, and productive use products.

2. Where is it based?

Western, Kenya

3. When was it created?


4. Who is the CEO?

Anton Espira, Mark Lung and Scott Lung

5. In which region/s are you present?

East Africa

6. What feature do you think makes you unique? 

Solibrium is a locally pioneered Company, with 100% of our employees and clients being natives of Kenya. We have the advantage of first-hand contact with clients, thereby we receive direct feedback and commentary with zero bureaucracy. We have mastered the energy demands of our current and potential areas of operation and have been able to provide tailor-made products to best suit these needs. Our hands-on involvement and contact with our clients remain to be our stronghold and the basis of all our decision-making.

7. How do you think GOGLA can help accelerate your business and/or the energy access sector?

GOGLA can accelerate our business by providing access to its network of donors, grants, and loan facilities to aid in the acquisition of services, assets, and project operational expenses. GOGLA could also connect Solibrium with industry experts to provide research, training, and consulting services related to the project.


Visit the Solibrium website to learn more about them.