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Solibrium is a solar company registered in Kenya, having met all the legal, environmental and other operational requirements. Solibrium is based in Kakamega, western Kenya and is a distributor of stand-alone and custom made solar home systems. Solibrium’s core mandate is to serve the underserved communities and/or individuals by offering clean, alternative and affordable lighting solutions.

Solibrium also continues to create value for all the different class groups in rural areas including; households, institutions, and businesses by offering high quality and internationally certified products on a one-off discounted cash payment basis and a PAYG flexible payment system. We are committed to managing environmental impact as an integral part of our operations. Beyond aiming to be a profitable business, Solibrium strives to add value to the communities by hiring individuals from underserved or in-need  backgrounds and by working to ensure gender equality.

Furthermore, recognizing that the spread of household solar products (pico solar and SHSs) and the improper disposal of obsolete components, Solibrium pioneered the REWMOS Project.