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SureChill is a unique cooling technology that can improve the lives of billions. It keeps life-saving vaccines and food perfectly cool for weeks without power. The technology harnesses a natural energy-storing phenomenon in water to enable continuous cooling without constant power, making it perfect for use with solar power. By storing the green energy of the sun inside its blue 'water' battery, SureChill fridges don't require environmentally harmful batteries to stay cool.

Vaccine refrigerators cooled by SureChill technology were first launched in 2011. Approved by the World Health Organization and purchased by UNICEF and Ministries of Health, they are helping to save lives in over 60 countries around the world. These have kept temperature-sensitive vaccines in safe storage and enabled millions of effective vaccinations.

The natural storage of energy allows SureChill's fridges to time-shift their energy usage to low peak times of the day, removing their impact from the grid and smoothing energy demands to sustainable levels. If implemented on a large scale this technology could dramatically reduce the demand on the grid at peak times.