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1. What is SureChill's mission?

Working hand in hand with our customers, we create innovative​ nature-inspired solutions that improve lives.

2. Where is it based?

We are headquartered in UK and Kenya

3. When was it created?


4. Who is the CEO?

Emilien Di Gennaro

5. In which region/s are you present?

Global, East Africa, West Africa, Asia, UK

6. What feature do you think makes you unique? 

SureChill is a unique cooling technology that can improve the lives of billions. It keeps life-saving vaccines and food perfectly cool and doesn’t need a constant power source or require a rechargeable battery. It’s driven by nature using water and ice, enabling freeze-free cooling at a consistent 4 degrees.  

SureChill’s revolutionary approach to refrigeration works effectively with solar power, weak grids, or any other intermittent power supply, helping to provide the benefits of affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy access to all. 

The natural storage of energy allows SureChill's fridges to time-shift their energy usage to low peak times of the day, removing their impact from the grid and smoothing energy demands to sustainable levels. If implemented on a large scale this technology could dramatically reduce the demand on the grid at peak times. 

7. How are you contributing to energy access for all?

Our World Health Organization (WHO) approved medical refrigerators keep temperature-sensitive vaccines in safe storage and enable millions of effective vaccinations, helping to save lives and mitigate the viruses around the world.  

Homes and small businesses fridges positively impact households, small business owners, farmers, and other productive users by providing access to sustainable cooling where access to constant power is a problem and impacts their everyday lives and affects their livelihoods.  The fridges have PAYGo technology fitted enabling last-mile distributors to offer affordable financial payment models to their customers so that consumers in remote regions have access to solar refrigeration solutions.  

We are dedicated and passionate about positively impacting the lives of consumers in emerging markets and off-grid communities. We are on a mission to provide underserved consumers access to life-changing products, facilitate wider access to solar products, and enhance the potential uses of solar energy.

8. How do you think GOGLA can help accelerate your business and/or the energy access sector?

We believe GOGLA provides a valuable impact to SureChill and the energy access sector in various ways: 

  • Communicate the value of the off-grid solar industry and provide detailed market information that supports a better understanding of what is happening in the market and provides an opportunity to evaluate and analyse insights. 
  • Give access to forums for discussion, learning, and development.  Facilitating the opportunity for members to share information, network, and build relationships. 
  • Provide members with a matching service – i.e., solar distributor introduced to appliance distributor/manufacture 
  • Lobby governments and umbrella bodies about taxes and regulatory barriers that inhibit access to energy and solar appliances 
  • Share information on best practices in businesses, technologies, policies, finance, and build companies’ and investors’ confidence in the sector.


Visit the SureChill website to learn more about them.