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TREND SOLAR founded by two British entrepreneurs in 2015, is headquartered in Tanzania. It is a renewable energy technology company with a focus on developing next-generation solutions, for the off-grid users in developing countries.

TREND SOLAR designs, distributes and finances a range of PAYGO (Pay-as-you-go) solar systems from 70Wh systems aimed at low-income households, to 64kW all-in-one battery storage systems for domestic and commercial applications including mini-grids.Through leveraging on the use of portable energy devices in rural households, the company brings affordable access to smartphones, and moreover, internet connection to the local population.

At TREND SOLAR access to energy is the mere beginning of an exciting journey for our customers, which is why our product team develop innovations in technology that unlock more than just energy; we connect our customers to the wider world, transporting the social, technological and global movements to our customers.

Fundamentally, we are a unique Power Company-one which enables the switch to solar easy, simple and empowering.