Puck van Basten

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Puck van Basten

Jr. Project Manager, Performance & Investment

Puck van Basten works as a Junior Project Manager with the Performance and Investment team. She leads the work on Corporate Governance and GOGLA's LEAN Network, while also supporting other workstreams such as Consumer Protection and Circularity.

She aims to make the off-grid solar sector grow sustainably by working towards a higher performance of and investments into the industry. Through upholding and improving standards of consumer protection and enhancing circularity practices Puck’s work aims to better the performance of the off-grid solar industry. Next to that, her focus is on increasing investment opportunities for the sector, amongst others through helping off-grid solar companies ameliorate their corporate governance structures and practices, and providing networking opportunities through GOGLA’s LEAN Network. Last but not least, Puck is dedicated to increasing gender inclusivity in the off-grid solar sector and putting clean, energy access forward for climate adaptation and resilience.

In her spare time, Puck likes to take dance classes, wander around her hometown Utrecht and spend time with her family and friends.