Power for All

Power for All

GOGLA is proud to be a founding partner of Power for All

Power for All is a campaign to accelerate the deployment of distributed renewable energy as a key pillar to achieving universal energy access for the 1.1 billion people living without electricity. The campaign is a collective voice for businesses and civil society organisations focused on decentralized renewable solutions, including rooftop solar and mini-grids (powered by solar, hydro, biomass and wind) designed for households and enterprises.

Power for All was launched at the Sustainable Energy for All forum in 2015. Through global research, education and advocacy work targeted at policy-makers, investors and sector stakeholders, the campaign offers an action plan for how universal energy access can be achieved, using mostly market forces, before 2030. Distributed renewables are the fastest, most cost-effective path to modern energy services in emerging markets; a potent growth engine for economies and jobs; and an impact multiplier that creates more resilient, self-sufficient and healthy communities.



“We shouldn’t have to wait a generation for universal energy access. Decentralized, renewable market-based solutions can deliver energy access today. The market for solar light and power in the developing world is growing quickly to meet demand, and already reaching millions of households. Several GOGLA member companies are already outpacing the world’s traditional electrical utilities in terms of number of customers. The Power for All campaign is an essential platform to break the status quo energy mindset. By engaging with and educating actors on all sections of the energy chain, from high-level decision makers to rural solar light customers, we can help to achieve universal energy access sooner and in a cost effective manner”. Koen Peters, Executive Director, GOGLA.

More information
To find out more about Power for All, or become a partner, please visit www.powerforall.org

Join the Action
To join the campaign’s latest action, please sign the petition to Multilateral Development Banks urging them to take steps which accelerate energy access.

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