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2020: Off-grid solar investment remains robust during COVID-19 pandemic

Drew Corbyn, Head of Performance & Investment and Laura Fortes, Project Manager, Investor Engagement

From ideas to action: Using end-user subsidies to achieve universal energy access

Johanna Galan, Energy Access Consultant, World Bank and Patrick Tonui, Head of Policy and Regional Strategy, GOGLA

Protecting women and girls during the global recession: Solar-powered appliances enable distance learning and enhance health outcomes

Guest blog by Sam Grant and Hannah Blair

Moving from crisis to recovery in 2021

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director

Off-grid solar: a triple boost for climate action

Patrick K. Tonui, GOGLA Head of Policy and Regional Strategy

How high-performing medical technologies can enhance off-grid health service provision during a global pandemic

Guest Blog by Jeff Stottlemyer and Hannah Blair

How affordable and high-performing appliances are helping customers weather the impacts of COVID-19

Aletta D'cruz, GOGLA and Sarah Hambly, Efficiency for Access Coalition

Averting a COVID-19 Food Catastrophe: Deploying Solar Agricultural Technology to Mitigate Mass Hunger

Guest Blog by Jenny Corry Smith and Siena Hacker

Beyond e-waste: A circular approach to reducing the footprint of the off-grid solar industry

Rebecca Rhodes, Project Manager, Consumer Protection and Technology

Committed investors keep the funds flowing for off-grid solar


Off-Grid Solar Market: COVID-19 Drives 26% Drop in Sales, Slowing Energy Access but Investors Remain Positive about Industry Performance

Koen Peters, Executive Director and Silvia Francioso, Database Specialist

Consumer Protection: A tool to strengthen off-grid solar businesses and safeguard impact

Rebecca Rhodes, Project Manager, Consumer Protection and Technology

Strengthening resilience of refugee communities with sustainable energy access

Aletta D'cruz, Project Manager, Digital Content and Communication

Monitoring the vital signs: COVID-19 and the off-grid solar industry


Connectors: the low-hanging fruit for interoperability

Drew Corbyn and Garick Lee

Off-grid solar is vital for driving post COVID-19 economic recovery

Radhika Thakkar, GOGLA President and Susie Wheeldon, Research Lead, GOGLA

COVID-19: How GOGLA is helping the off-grid solar industry deal with the crisis

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director

"Partnerships are important for the success of the off-grid solar industry"

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director

Off-grid solar improves lives, here’s why it still plays a big role in India

Viraj Gada, GOGLA India Regional Representative

As the off-grid solar industry looks to the future, GOGLA helps to protect its assets

Koen Peters, GOGLA Executive Director

A sustainable energy future for West Africa? We can make it a reality today

Namory Doumbia, West Africa Regional Representative

What we learned about off-grid solar financing at Unlocking Solar Capital Africa


7 answers to your questions on profitability in the off-grid solar sector

A woman and a man standing in shop lightened by a solar light

Path to Profitability, an investors' perspective: 5 key takeaways

Wanji Ng'ang'a and Juliana Martínez