Bright Green Energy Foundation

Bright Green Energy Foundation (BGEF) is one of the leading organizations in Bangladesh to provide pollution free renewable energy to the underprivileged rural people of Bangladesh through innovative monthly installment based financing model. BGEF has created numerous green jobs all around Bangladesh by promoting women entrepreneurs and green technicians by providing the training they require in this newly developed sector. BGEF has focused its primary work for the expansion of Solar Home System (SHS), Solar Irrigation Pump (SIP), Bio-gas Plant & Improved cookstoves (ICS) in rural Bangladesh.



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Southern Asia

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Provision of renewable energy through an innovative monthly installment based financing model, as well as training programs in Bangeladesh.

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International Training Program; Trainings to local women who ensure after sell services to the beneficiaries; Repair work for warranty expire accessories. Training for assembling and repair of solar accessories such as charge controller, lamp shade circuit, switch and other spare parts of solar home system.

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