Business Innovation Facility (BIF) by UK DFID

The Business Innovation Facility (BIF) is a five-year (2014 - 2019) DFID-funded market systems development Program that aims to improve the lives of the poor in three countries: Malawi, Myanmar and Nigeria.

BIF works to identify and address constraints in selected markets, providing technical assistance (and some grant funding) to businesses and other market players.

We provide support to develop and replicate business models that make markets more inclusive, resulting in greater opportunities, better access and improved growth for the poor and disadvantaged people who engage in them.

In Malawi, BIF is working in the Pico Solar Products market to strengthen the first rung on the ‘sustainable energy ladder’.



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Capacity Building

Geographical Scope

South-eastern Asia

Type of Cap Building

Business Development

Funding / Investment / CapBuild type

Up to £100,000

Technical or other assistance

The Program follows the Market Systems approach which can be briefly summarised as follows:

1. Undertake market assessments to inform the selection of focus markets;
2. Develop in-depth Market Analysis and Strategies;
3. Design interventions to address identified constraints;
4. Identify partners and co-create projects;
5. Select expert consultants to support the delivery of projects;
6. Pilot the projects;
7. Monitor and evaluate;
8. Support adoption, adaption and expansion of the commercially sustainable innovations.

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