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A set of Indicators and a Self-Assessment Tool for companies

The six Principles, plus an overarching field on Governance and Management, have been expanded into a set of 37 indicators to enable in-depth and systematic assessment of companies. The Indicators form the basis for a Self-Assessment Tool that allows companies to measure their performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and monitor their progress against their internal baseline over time. The results can also facilitate a dialogue between companies and investors by providing quantitative data and evidence of performance in a standardised format.

Completing the tool entails assessing the level of fulfilment of the Indicators – fully met, mostly met, somewhat met, not met – and a commentary on the result. The tool returns a numerical score for each Principle and a graphic overall result. 

The process to define the Indicators was led by GOGLA’s Consumer Protection Working Group and included several consultation rounds, trial self-assessments with several companies, and focus groups discussions with consumers. This group is responsible for maintaining the standards and will make periodic additions and revisions.

Download the list of indicators

Download the self-assessment tool for companies.