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Check out the resources below for tips, tools and insights to deepen your understanding about consumer protection, get inspired by good practices and explore what the off-grid solar industry is doing about consumer protection.


Self-assessment tool 

60 decibels lean data survey tool for customer outreach


Industry Opinion


Consumer Protection Insights 

During the development of the Principles and Indicators, a consumer insights study was conducted with several GOGLA members to understand the challenges and risks faced by consumers and explore how companies can work with the Code to address these issues. Read the report.

Credit Risk Management

In November 2020, GOGLA and CGAP hosted a 2-day workshop on Credit Risk Management in the off-grid solar sector to help companies maintain sustainable, responsible growth of their credit-based portfolio and maintain consumer protection standards. Presentation Day 1 | Presentation Day 2.

60 Decibels COVID-19 Consumer Insights

You can find the recordings from our monthly webinars presenting and discussing insights into the experiences of off-grid solar consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, hosted by GOGLA, 60 Decibels and CGAP. 

GOGLA and 60 Decibels have also made available a new dashboard devoted to the PAYGo solar customer data. It has more granularity and analytics for more powerful insights. You can find it here.

You can also visit the wider Consumer Insights Dashboard here.

Webinar 3: 3 September 2020

Webinar 2: July 2020

Webinar 1: June 2020



Blog post: Consumer Protection: A tool to strengthen off-grid solar businesses and safeguard impact

The off-grid solar sector faces a difficult task in finding a balance between business survival and consumer relief in the response to and recovery from COVID-19. But putting consumer protection at the heart of operations could benefit both companies and consumers simultaneously.

Read our blog.

Blog post: Keeping the Lights On: How PAYGo Solar Can Offer Customer Relief During COVID-19

The article explores whether and how companies could enable customers to continue using their solar home systems during the pandemic, with reduced – or even in the absence of – customer payments.

Read our blog.

Blog post: The Time to Commit to Consumer Protection Principles is Now.

To create sustainable markets at scale, we need to ensure that customer-centric approaches translate into strong consumer protection principles that cut across individual business practices on an industry level.

Read our blog.

Blog post: "Implementing the Code Sends Positive Signals to SunFunder and Other Investors"

In this interview, Avi Jacobson, Senior Investment Officer at SunFunder, talks about the importance of committing to the Code, the positive signals it helps companies send to investors and the future of the Code within the off-grid solar sector.

Read our blog.

Blog post: "Proud that the off-grid solar industry saw fit to create the Consumer Protection Code"

In this interview, Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO, Azuri Technologies talks about committing to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code, the role it plays in the success of his organisation and the future of the Code within the off-grid solar sector. 

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