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Alph Technologies

ALPH TECHNOLOGIES ( ALPHTECH ) is a company specializing in photovoltaic solar energy from studies and design to construction and commissioning. What is Alph Technologies’ mission? Foster sustainable development and create a better, cleaner earth for future generations by promoting access to solar-powered electricity for millions of people in Benin… Read More


COPERES’ mission is to meet the challenge of the development and promotion of renewable energies in Africa and particularly in Senegal, for that we need a strong and innovative local private sector. Their ambition is to support the government of Senegal to increase the contribution of renewable energies to more than 30%… Read More

The Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL)

The Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL) is a trade association that is focused on the development of an efficient and thriving renewable energy market in Sierra Leone REASL was formed in 2016 as a direct response to the Energy Africa Compact, a UK aid initiative that partners with… Read More

Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN)

Renewable Energy Access Network (Currently operating as the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria, REAN) is an independent, non-profit industry association representing the interest of over 40 privately owned companies in Nigeria’s Renewable Energy Sector. The Association (which was formally launched in  on November 24th, 2016) stands at the forefront of… Read More


AISER is the Interprofessional Association of Renewable Energy Specialists in Benin. It is a non-profit association created in October 2011 and whose main objective is to contribute significantly to the development of renewable energies in Benin. The members of the association are companies (67, June 2019) located in Benin and… Read More

Solar Hut

Solar Hut’s mission is to enhance the lives of people across Cameroon and beyond by providing reliable and affordable solar energy solutions. Solar Hut is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. Where is it based? Yaounde, Cameroon When was it created? 2019 Who is the CEO? Emmanuel Monthe Siewe In which… Read More


MOON provides innovative energy and digital solutions for the inclusive development of rural communities in Africa. We believe that it is possible to achieve universal and digitalized electrification for all sub-Saharan households by 2030. To achieve this, MOON distributes tailored and value-creating products and services, such as its pay-as-you-go solar… Read More

LightBox Africa

LightBox Africa is on a quest to transform lives with sustainable energy solutions. We provide decentralized access to energy via Solar Home Systems (“SHS”) on a Pay as You Go (“PAYGo”) basis with the ambition of addressing energy poverty in Guinea as well as fighting climate change. Q&A Where is… Read More