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RENEWGEN AS sells solar lanterns, lamps and solar home systems to rural households through PAYGO model and consumer finance. ReNewGen is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort.  What is the mission? To provide access to sustainable energy through innovative solar solutions to rural… Read More

Burundi Renewable Energy Association (BUREA)

Burundi Renewable Energy Association (BUREA) is a non-profit organization bringing together actors in the field of Renewable Energy in order to promote the accessibility and utilization of energy for all in Burundi. The Association was founded in November, 2012 and approved by the Ministerial decree No 530/777 in May, 2013. The… Read More

Argos Energy

Q&A What is Argos Energy’s mission? Our mission is to assist in reaching the SDG goals in Burundi Where is it based? Burundi When was it created? 2018 Who is the CEO? Karl Mfura In which region/s are you present? East Africa What feature do you think makes you unique?… Read More