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Solar Run

henzhen Solar Run Energy Co., Ltd focuses on designing and manufacturing off-grid solar home systems with and without Pay As You Go solutions. Most of the products meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards. Solar Run enables people to replace deleterious and expensive kerosene lanterns and candles with modern solar energy… Read More


Sinoware’s extensive expertise in manufacturing and R&D grants its ability to provide uniquely tailored product solutions that exactly meet their customers’ requirements. Our main products are solar charge controllers, solar lamps and solar system. We have got domestic and international certification of ISO9001-2008, CE, ROHS, SGS as… Read More

Shenzhen Power-Solution

Established in 2009, Shenzhen Power-Solution has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing world-class, affordable solar lighting products to BoP in off-grid area. Power-solution is responsible for the designing and manufacturing part in the supply chain, means power-solution cooperate with local agents, and local agents in charge of wholesale in the country and set… Read More