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CarbonClear’s new data-driven model for carbon credit issuance, that represents a fundamental rethinking of the existing carbon market. It leverages clear and transparent data points in the CO2 projects that it funds, and enables fast, reliable, and cost-effective generation of verified carbon credits for the Voluntary Carbon Market in a… Read More

Peoples Portable Power

The company has developed an innovative Internet-Of-Things energy solution for families living in Africa without public power supply. The Challenge The rural off-grid population in Africa today uses a fair amount of money every week on kerosene for oil lamps and they pay for and spend time on charging their… Read More

X-Solar Systems

X-Solar Systems is one of the world’s fastest-growing clean energy companies. We provide reliable and maintenance-free solar power to off-grid areas across Kenya and East Africa, as well as dependable backup power and related solar products across Africa. Our commitment to the local community is to create empowerment through sustainable… Read More