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RENEWGEN AS sells solar lanterns, lamps and solar home systems to rural households through PAYGO model and consumer finance. ReNewGen is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort.  What is the mission? To provide access to sustainable energy through innovative solar solutions to rural… Read More

Osomobegbe Global Ventures Limited

Osomobegbe Global Ventures Limited is a Manufacturer, Service provider, and Distributor. OGV is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort.  What is the mission? To bring an end to post harvest losses of harvested agricultural products affecting over 38 million… Read More


Kipitfresh (Alabaster Agro-Allied Industries) is an agritech start-up promoting efficient energy end uses for productive applications such as Cooling in off-grid rural farming communities in Nigeria and  peri-urban fruit markets with no access to energy. We adopt Cooling as a service (CaaS) business model in providing… Read More

Fizzle Power Tech

Fizzle Power Tech revolves around being a manufacturer and distributor of blockchain-powered digital pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) solar energy solutions. We operate in a B2C (Business-to-Consumer), B2B (Business-to-Business), and B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) capacity. This model allows us to directly serve end consumers, collaborate with businesses, and partner with other organizations to… Read More


BETAPAWA SOLUTIONS LIMITED deploys AI-enabled plug-and-play solar-powered pods which provides clean electricity to >500 households per deployment. Users track their energy consumption, and pay for energy consumed via a mobile app & USSD (pay-you-go tariff-based model), and have access to digital products such as loans, insurance,… Read More

ACOB Lighting Limited

ACOB Lighting Technology has a business model entails a wide array of areas including prepaid electricity sales through solar hybrid mini-grids, productive use of energy to boost mini-grid utilization, deployment of electricity infrastructure for a wide array of customers, streetlight infrastructure deployments as well as general EPC contracting… Read More

Jahweh Power Systems

Jahweh Power Systems manufactures and sells integrated solar and battery technologies. What is Jahwah’s mission? To provide Off-Grid power technology to people with no power and make Solar technologies affordable. Where is Jahweh Power Systems based? Nigeria When was it created? 2023 Who is the CEO? Abiola Louis Duro-Emanuel In… Read More


Eja-Ice is a solar powered refrigeration and cold chain services company. What is Eja-Ice’s mission? To work closely with food producing communities, processors and retailers to Mitigate food loss, reduce GHG emissions and sustain business profits through solar powered cold chain. For fisherwomen; to enable financial inclusion through asset acquisition… Read More

Assess demand, security, accessibility, agricultural, climate environment data sets, and more directly from your laptop to reduce time and cost to market. What is mission? wants to accelerate sustainable development by building software that empowers users – from donors, governments, and the private sector – to make lasting… Read More

Oríkì Energy

Oríkì Energy is a for-profit social enterprise focused on the distribution of Pay-as-You-Go Off-Grid/standalone solar systems for Productive use in Africa. What is Oríkì Energy’s mission? Oríkì Energy strives to democratize access to the world’s best social impact solutions. Where is it based? Nigeria When was it created? 2021 Who… Read More