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ennos ag

ennos ag is an organization committed to developing pumping technologies that are affordable and suitable for farmers and communities. What is ennos ag’s mission? ennos ag aims to promote the use of CO2-free, economic solar pumps that combine income, productivity and labor-saving benefits and a more sustainable use of the… Read More

responsAbility Investments AG

responsAbility is a sustainable investment house that specializes in impact. What is responsAbility’s mission? Impact investments for a sustainable world. responsAbility Investments AG is a leading impact asset manager specializing in private market investments across three investment themes to directly contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Financial… Read More


Persistent invests in and builds early-stage ventures that provide access to clean energy and other essential services to households and businesses in underserved markets. We provide capital, deep operational support, expertise and a wide network of relationships for our partner companies. By investing early, Persistent provides the… Read More