COVID-19 Resource Center

COVID-19 Resource Center

Global and regional markets are experiencing acute challenges as COVID-19 creates health and economic shocks worldwide. The off-grid solar sector is not an exception. The pandemic, and the measures taken by governments and other actors to slow down the virus outbreak, can negatively impact businesses and consumers. Use the resources on this page to get the latest on the sector's response to the pandemic and how it can support a sustainable and resilient recovery.

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Information for our members

Access our webinars, guidance documents and curated resources from across the off-grid solar industry.

covid 19 energy access relief

COVID-19 Energy Access Relief

Find out more about the Energy Access Relief Fund on this external site. GOGLA is neither involved in the fund design nor the selection of potential recipients of funding.

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Consumer insights

Explore how Covid-19 is impacting off-grid customers on this dashboard.

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Learn more about our communication to governments and other sector stakeholders.

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Funds and technical assistance

Get an overview of COVID-19 specific funds and support initiatives relevant for the off-grid solar sector in our opportunities database or let us know about opportunities we might have missed.

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Business advice

Find practical advice and guides for businesses on how to manage the crisis.

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