DEG, the German Development Finance Institution, a subsidiary of KfW, aims to promote business initiatives in developing countries as a contribution to sustainable growth and improved living conditions. DEG invests about 60% of annual financing in direct senior loans to companies, 40% in equity capital, broadly divided into mezzanine financing (20%), direct equity in companies (10%) and direct equity in funds (10%).

DEG makes long-term financing and advice available to private enterprises investing in these countries. To be precise:
1. It finances direct investments in our partner countries in order to make a sustainable contribution to advancing their economic development;
2. It makes long-term investment capital available as a means to share the risks arising from the investments and to make them less vulnerable to crises;
3. It gives advice to companies on questions related to risk analysis and product development;
4. It invests in undertakings in all sectors of the economy, ranging from agribusiness to the manufacturing industry and services to infrastructure;
5. It promotes the development of the financial sector while strengthening local capital markets in order to facilitate reliable access to investment financing on the ground, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. By doing so, DEG contributes to additional growth effects.

DEG uses almost exclusively own funds rather than budget funds from the Federal Government. It is guided by international standards for environmental and social sustainability. It pays particular attention to ensuring that their investments generate positive development impacts in their partner countries.



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Development finance institution (DFI)

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Equity & Debt. Size of Investment: €10-30M

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It gives advice to companies on questions related to risk analysis and product development.

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