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Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) Data Network

What is the DRE Data Network?

We are a network of researchers, data practitioners and enthusiasts, focused on the role, impacts and acceleration of distributed renewables in low-energy access countries. Our goal is to improve knowledge sharing, networking and coordination on research and data analysis in the sector.

What are our objectives?

Our objectives are to:

  1. Make key research and data points better known, more effectively communicated, and more widely used across the sector

  2. Help members more easily learn about new and upcoming research, explore research synergies and avoid duplication

  3. Enable greater understanding of research opportunities and limitations among members by discussing research challenges and gaps in knowledge

How does it work?

The network is coordinated by a small steering group comprised of Power for All, GOGLA, CLASP and AMDA. It is focussed on improving coordination and communication within the DRE sector.

The Network will start with a ListServ and monthly newsletter focused entirely on DRE research. Every month we will send out a survey to our members so they can easily share succinct information regarding new and upcoming research, events and data needs. At the end of each month, our members will receive a newsletter with the DRE Data Network’s highlights.

In addition, we will be starting a series of webinars to connect our members through thematic research topics, and create opportunities for our members to share  and explore research opportunities, gaps and challenges.

What was the motivation?

Increased interest in, and availability of, decentralized renewable electrification technologies has led to the emergence of new opportunities to learn about their impact. However, currently, researchers and stakeholders operating in, or exploring, this sector do not have a current and easy way of learning about the latest research, or to share their own findings, needs and experiences – leading to cross over in efforts, and a lack of awareness of important research gaps, results and learnings.

The DRE Data Network was created after we identified a need for better industry-academic partnership.

The network has already garnered interest and participation from more than 80 academics, institutions and DRE sector organizations, including DFID, Power Africa, UC Berkeley, MIT, Humboldt State, Acumen, LCEDN, SEforALL, IRENA  and many more. The Network is open to anyone focused on research, data and the DRE space – please join if you haven’t already!

Please contact Sjef Ketelaars if you are interested in learning more.