E-waste Toolkit

Off-grid solar is delivering huge social impact to customers, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from traditional polluting lighting sources, and supporting economic development in low-income countries. As the sector grows, companies and investors are increasingly focusing on resource efficiency and lifecycle of products – from design and manufacturing to end of life. In this hub, you will find resources aimed at helping address the main challenges in setting up sustainable recycling chains. This toolkit is a work in progress and content will be added regularly as modules are developed.

Looking for additional learning materials about e-waste management in the off-grid solar sector? Download materials from the e-waste festival.

four recycling bins in different colours

Introduction to Recycling

Module 1 is a high-level technical understanding of how each component is recycled and where to begin with identifying recycling partners. Learn more

electronics and wires

Design for Reduction of E-Waste

Module 2 will focus on waste reduction strategies within the off-grid solar sector, looking at circular design principles and how they can be applied. Learn more

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Financials of Solar E-Waste

Module 3 will look at the financials of solar e-waste by breaking down its supply chain, identifying where the costs lie and who is responsible for them. Learn more.

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Policy and Regulation

Module 4 of the E-waste toolkit aims to provide a high level introduction to e-waste legislation, existing typologies and their financing mechanisms. Learn more.

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E-waste and the Consumer

Module 5 focuses on the consumer experience, awareness and disposal behaviors upon product end-of-life. Learn more

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Take-back and Collection

Module 6 of the toolkit focuses on take-back and collection channels, challenges and incentive. Learn more.

The GOGLA e-waste toolkit is being funded by Swedfund. The design and content of the Toolkit is being developed in association with the GOGLA E-waste Working Group.

Photo credits: Jeffrey M. Walcott for GOGLA, various from Unsplash