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Echo Mobile supports organizations’ customer engagement strategies through a range of mobile solutions. The Echo platform, Echo’s flagship product, enables organisations to build automated conversations and deploy them at scale using SMS, USSD, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Android applications. As respondents participate in the conversation from their mobile phones, the platform aggregates and organizes incoming data around individual profiles. This enables organizations to conduct increasingly personalized communications over time as they gather real-time feedback from their contacts.



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Though a toll-free experience for the end-user, the Echo platform facilitates the following engagements:

Mobile surveys

Design and deploy mobile surveys to better understand the groups you care about - who they are, their contexts, needs, and opinions -  and inform better decisions with real-time information.

Push notifications

Extend your relationship with your target audience and promote your product or service by sending SMS notices.

Coupon distribution

Boost brand loyalty and drive sales by sending mobile coupons which can be redeemed for discounts and rebates.

Product registration

Allow customers to register products to track sales and create a detailed database with individual product profiles.


Have your target market refer your products to their network and reward lead conversions.

Manage feedback & inquiries

Set up structured Inboxes to receive and auto-respond to comments or questions from your stakeholders, including leads or current clients.


Educate, entertain, or collect data through scored quizzes with optional airtime rewards.

Technical or other assistance

Organisational clients can choose to deploy the Echo platform using either our Software as a Service (SaaS) or Deployment model. 

SaaS: After receiving an initial training from Echo Mobile, clients manage the platform on their own. This allows each organization to customize the tool to meet their own organizational needs, managing their mobile engagement with clients and using the data analysis features on the Echo Mobile platform to view data as it streams in real time. Data is  visualized on the platform through pie charts and histograms, and for further statistical analysis, clients can also export all information to Excel and CSV files.

Echo Deployment: While the core Echo platform is designed to be self-managed by the client, Echo’s Deployment team also offers communications strategy, project management, and technical consulting services for larger organizations with complex and/or large-scale data collection and communications needs. Echo Deployment puts the technology to work on the client’s behalf, complementing and enhancing its power to maximize success.

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