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This highly practical programme is designed for middle managers, new managers & supervisors in the off-grid sector. The programme empowers team leaders with effective tools in key areas like supervision, project management, and team building, as well as strategies to address sector-specific challenges and manage geographically dispersed teams. AMI’s unique blended learning approach, which includes interactive workshops, a robust online learning platform, and team-based activities, allows participants to learn valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied to real workplace challenges—benefitting an organisation's overall performance and impact.

It is 4-6 month blended programme. Includes 3 in-person Learning Lab workshops, 9 online courses & practical tools, 1 Change Challenge practical projects, graduation event.  Offered both as an in-house programme to meet the specific needs of a team, and as open cohort programmes in East and West Africa. Available in English and French.

Get in touch to learn more about scholarships, supported with UK aid from the UK government, with additional discounts for female participants.



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Eastern Africa
Western Africa

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Goal-setting & planning, personal productivity, empowerment, influence & communication, feedback, problem solving, performance management, coaching, team dynamics, self management & stress. 


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Managers are equipped to effectively manage themselves, empower their teams & drive performance

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