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Off-grid solar solutions provide the cheapest and fastest way to electrify hundreds of millions of homes and businesses -- and yet over 100 million people will still be unable to afford them in 2030. It is increasingly clear that we need to bridge this ‘affordability gap’, and end-user subsidies, which directly reduce costs for consumers, will play a key role. However, to avoid market distortion - which can hamper other energy access efforts -  such subsidies must be designed carefully. To enable stakeholders to jointly design smart and effective end user subsidies, GOGLA, ESMAP/Lighting Global and EnDev, have created the End User Subsidy Lab: pooling knowledge, technical expertise, and funding. We welcome all stakeholders to contribute to the Lab with resources available to them, be it knowledge, expertise, or financial contributions. 

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About the End User Subsidy Lab

Get an overview of the Lab and its two main workstreams to catalyse smart, holistic end user subsidies.

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What is an end user subsidy?

Get an overview of how end user subsidies can help reach the poorest, how they compare to supply-side subsidies, and more. 

resources and reports

Reports and Resources

From reports detailing why end user subsidies are needed to papers profiling smart design, find the latest tools and resources.

Subsidies Webinar Series: Event Recordings

Find recordings from recent events and webinars on smart subsidies and bridging the affordability gap. Listen to the sessions. 

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Country Case Studies

End user subsidies for off-grid solar are already operating in several countries. Find detailed case studies. 

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