ENEA Energy Access Program

Since 2007, ENEA has been advising and supporting leading private sector companies and public authorities around the world on the topic of energy transition sectors and markets. Through dedicated consulting services and pro bono support to NGOs and social entrepreneurs selected for their high potential impact, ENEA is also committed to energy access.

ENEA has launched the ENEA Access Call for Projects to support NGOs, technology developers and social entrepreneurs in scaling their energy access initiatives in Africa and Asia. To achieve this objective, ENEA provides selected projects with 30 - 50 days of consulting services on a pro-bono basis. ENEA typically selects 6-8 projects per year through two separate Call for Projects - on in Q1 and one in Q3.

Why does ENEA do this? It's simple. ENEA’s mission is to increase global access to energy through providing high quality strategic insight to market actors. Smaller actors often have the potential to achieve high levels of impact but do not have the budget to pay for normal consulting fees. ENEA Access Call for Projects was therefore created to provide the world's best impact-driven energy access projects support they need to be successful。



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Each selected project will receive 30 - 100 days of consulting services provided by ENEA

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Depending on project maturity, these services may span all phases of a project's development:

1. Performance of feasibility studies, market studies and technology benchmarks to fine tune your project design
2. Analysis and creation of business models / business plans to define your positioning
3. Support in pilot project implementation to test your solution in real conditions
4. Definition of a scale-up strategy, performance of techno-economic analyses, process management and partner identification for the full-scale roll out your solution / business model
5. Environmental and socio-economic impact assessment to add value to your project with potential donors

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