Energy Globe Award - Energy for the Poorest Catogory

For approximately twenty years now the Energy Globe Award has been honouring outstanding, sustainable projects in the fields of environment and energy. 

All projects aiming at protecting the environment as well as improving our life situation can be submitted.

In 2019, a special category has been created: 

"Energy For The Poorest" , in cooperation with Sanjiv Suri as well as Sun-Connect News (Stiftung Solarenergie).

In this special category, projects will be honoured, that focus on new technologies that will make energy accessible to the poorest of the poor on earth, which would result in a better life quality as well as economic stability.

At the same time attention should be attracted to the fact that 30% of the world population is barred from regular access to energy, although there are intelligent solutions, that investors will take a great interest in.

All submitted projects will take part in the annual national as well as international awards.



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