EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund

The EU Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund's objective is to promote infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa with a regional impact. As a “blending instrument” EU-AITF grants are granted alongside long-term financing (loans, risk capital, etc) from selected development finance institutions. EU-AITF may support projects implemented by public or private entities or entities with mixed public-private capital. Projects must be trans-border infrastructure projects or national projects with a demonstrable regional impact on two or more countries or national projects in the context of the "Sustainable Energy for All" initiative, aligned to the partners' national policies, and, where applicable, to regional policies and/or plans.

The EU-AITF offers grant support from two different envelopes: i) The Regional envelope promotes regional infrastructure projects (energy, transport, water, ICT); cross-border projects or national projects with a demonstrable regional impact on two or more countries. ii) The Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) envelope supports regional, national and local energy projects targeting SE4ALL objectives (link to The Sustainable Energy for All initiative). Project promoters should approach one of the EU-AITF selected financiers with their project proposals. If interested, the financier will discuss the proposal with the other financiers. As a group the financiers form an opinion regarding the eligibility of the project. If the opinion is positive, the grant application can be submitted to the group of EU-AITF Donors.



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Type of Cap Building

Technical assistance

Funding / Investment / CapBuild type

Grants can be provided in the form of:

  • Technical assistance in support of all project phases;
  • Interest rate subsidies to decrease the EU-AITF Financiers’ loan interest rates;
  • Investment Grants to finance project components or part of the investment;
  • Financial Instruments like guarantees, risk mitigation measures, equity or quasi-equity investments or participations

Technical or other assistance

Technical assistance for preparatory work like feasibility studies, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Resettlement Action Plans, etc., for project supervision, and also for targeted capacity building such as reinforcing the technical and administrative capacity of local staff in Africa.

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